Zelenchukova Soup

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Zelenchukova Soup


  1. Ingredients

    2 potatoes, diced
    2 carrots, diced
    1/2 celery, diced
    2 peppers, sliced
    1/4 of a medium-sized cabbage, finely cut
    1 onion, finely chopped
    3 tomatoes, diced
    1 beetroot, diced
    1 tbsp flour
    1 tsp paprika,
    4 tbsp yoghurt
    1 egg
    1 cup grated cheese, mozzarella works best
    2 tbsp oil
    salt to taste
    a pinch of parsley

  2. Method

    Put the celery, cabbage, peppers, carrots and salt in the water and boil.

    When soft, add the potatoes.

    Separately boil the beetroot.

    Stew the onion until soft, then add the flower, paprika and grated tomatoes.

    Add the mixture to the boiling vegetables and boil for another half hour.

    Add the beetroot at the end. Thicken with an egg beaten in yoghurt.

    Serve with finely chopped parsley and grated cheese.

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