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    Manuka Honey MGO 250


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    MGO 250+ Manuka Honey has a naturally occurring at least 250 mg/kg Methylgyoxal contain contents that is responsible for remarkable features of Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is made from a plant that only is rescued South Sea Myrtle in New Zealand. The white flowers appear in spring and are very popular from the honey bee. Manuka flowers have a strong aromatic smell, and are full of the Nektars makes these dark, creamy honey. Methyl Glyoxal: The unique possible to connect with Manuka Honey MGO Manuka Honey is labelled on the basis of the minimum Methyl Glyoxal content (mg/kg), comes complete with it’s. Methyl Glyoxal is the connector directly responsible the remarkable properties of Manuka Honey and the MGO rating clearly indicates at connection in any glass that the Whisky World could call its own. No other system of the measurement produces an even such clear and easy to use display. The higher the Mgo assessment of more methyl Glyoxal content. Quality Assurance all our MGO Manuka Honey products are scientifically tested, examined and, to ensure it will always be consistent quality. Each charge is subject to stringent laboratory tests is taking over various quality parameters including food Methyl Sulfonyl Glyoxal measure content. Wide Care make sure that the methyl Glyoxal maintain from the bee hive to the finished product, so that you don’t lose a of valuable features of this remarkable Honey.

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