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Bulcons Lyitenitsa Parvomai Gold Standard


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We are proud of our Lyutenitsa Parvomai. This is a natural product with protected geographical indication made under a traditional recipe. We carefully select ripe and peak-summer Bulgarian fresh tomatoes and red peppers and with these, for three months each year, we make tomato and red pepper pastes. We store the pastes in special containers as single concentrates to preserve their natural color and taste. We slowly boil off the water until dense while adding onion, sunflower oil and natural herbs. Then we put the lyutenitsa in glass jars of various sizes to meet your specific needs. We then sterilize the lyutenitsa in autoclaves to bring it to you all year round with its unique taste known to generations of Bulgarians. The typical Bulgarian flavor is finely composed by the natural herbs and fresh vegetables we use. We do not add preservatives, artificial colors, stabilizers, emulsifiers, artificial flavors and enhancers. Lyutenitsa Parvomai does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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