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    Valbreso French Feta Cheese


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    Valbreso feta is a cheese that defies convention. Most people know this crumbly, white, sheep’s milk feta, as a traditionally Greek cheese. However, it can be found all across the mediterranean region – much like olives and olive oils – with different nuances. This particular cheese comes from the South of France, and is made from the milk left over from Roquefort production, that smooth and delicious blue cheese. Valbreso is moist and creamy, with a rich flavor that is well-balanced in salt (unlike most commercial varieties, that are dry and salty), and is milder than most Greek fetas. This is definitely one of those cheese that will make you rethink good old feta! This cheese is great on its own, as a snacking cheese, but can also be used in salads, especially with tomatoes and olive oil. Bring to room temperature before serving. Pair with your favorite white wine blend.

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