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    Devolli Princ Caffe


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    It is an original mix of original and selected beans of coffee, in compliance with unique recipes and designed for those who enjoy strong and traditional taste of coffee, black with tasty cream. It is the most sold product from the Devolli Princ Caffe and the most sold coffee product in our country. It is sold in regional countries as well. A cup of Turkish coffee is an irreplaceable embodiment of friendship, love, taste and tradition… We are proud that we hold to this tradition with Devolli Princ Caffe Turke, a coffee that is ingrained in Kosovar homes more than any other coffee product. Due to the cream layer it makes, Devolli Princ Caffe Turke remains warm for a longer time, enduring the pleasure of drinking it. The pleasure of drinking our Turkish coffee has only one synonym. It is, LEZET (Turkish-pleasure) and FRESHNESS. The success of Devolli Princ Caffe Turke is based on the beans of highest qualify of world coffee that are carefully selected, roasted, blended and packed in a qualitative packaging that contains flavour, taste and freshness. We at Devolli Princ Caffe believe that there is nothing better than a warm cup of Devolli Princ Caffe Turke.

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