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    Beans Soup (Bob Chorba)


    1 lbs beans (use white beans if possible – haricot, fava, etc.)
    2 qt. water
    2 onions, chopped
    2 tbsp oil
    3 tbsp flour
    1 tsp paprika
    4 tomatoes (or a can of tomatoes)
    1 tsp oregano (or dried mint)
    salt to taste


    Soak the beans in the water overnight. Next morning drain off the water, add same amount and bring to boil. If you don’t want to wait one day to get this done, you can simply boil the beans for an hour, then discard the water, add water again and bring to a boil again. Simmer gently for about an hour or until the beans soften. In a separate plan fry the onions in the oil until golden brown, add the flour, stir and fry for less then a minute. Add the paprika, stir and add to the beans. Add the tomatoes and oregano as well.
    Leave the soup to simmer on a low heat for about 20 minutes.

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